Docs In The City: Spotlight on Personal Documentaries

Aug 06, 2017 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM EDT  
Edlavitch DCJCC  /  1529 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20036, United States
Presented by
Docs In Progress
Co-Sponsored by the Washington Jewish Film Festival

About Docs In The City
This new screening series from Docs In Progress pairs seasoned and emerging documentary filmmakers whose films share a genre or theme. Each program will include a screening of a work-in-progress by an emerging documentary filmmaker followed by a feedback session with the audience and the seasoned filmmaker as respondent. This will be followed by a new look at a classic film by the seasoned filmmaker.

A scene from 51 Birch Street

51 Birch Street directed by Doug Block.

Searching for My Jewish Soul. Directed by Bonnie Rich.

Things get personal as we delve into the lives of two filmmakers and their families in an exploration of the genre of personal documentary  Join us for one or both films.
Searching for My Jewish Soul
by Bonnie Rich 
Filmmaker and Jewish mom Bonnie Rich takes a light-hearted approach to a serious matter—convincing her millennial daughters to raise her unborn grandchildren Jewish. Her daughters see no need for religion as they navigate adulthood. Bonnie is undeterred and pursues meaning in Judaism beyond matzo ball soup as she goes on a 40-day diet of prayer, embraces Bubbie and Zaydie wisdom, sings Jewish songs off-key, and drags the girls to meet with rabbis. But will she convince her daughters that Judaism is relevant? 
Screening of work-in-progress followed by an audience feedback session with filmmaker Bonnie Rich, facilitated by Erica Ginsberg from Docs In Progress
Tickets are $13.50 available through Washington Jewish Film Festival site.
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51 Birch Street
by Doug Block
Do we ever really know our parents?  If we were suddenly given the chance to know all about them, would we take it?  And is it ever too late to establish a deeper connection with them?  These are the primal human questions at the heart of Doug Block’s acclaimed personal documentary 51 Birch Street. Spanning 60 years and three generations, the film weaves together hundreds of faded snapshots, 8mm home movies, and two decades of footage in a tale of what can happen when our most fundamental assumptions about family are suddenly called into question. First released in 2006, this film was a darling of critics, festivals, and audiences both in its theatrical run and its later broadcast on HBO. As the late Roger Ebert wrote of it, "This personal, lovingly hand-crafted film offers a down-to-earth corrective to decades of comedies and romances from the Hollywood fantasy-factory that faded out on the climactic kiss at the altar."
Screening followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Doug Block, moderated by Andrea Passafiume from Docs In Progress
Tickets are $13.50 available through Washington Jewish Film Festival site.
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This venue is wheelchair accessible. ASL interpretation will be provided.
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Edlavitch DCJCC
1529 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20036, United States